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  • Staffing

  • Interim IT Leadership

  • Executive Coaching

People Matter.   We understand that finding the right people and pairing them with the right job is critical. Waveset can find the right talent and lead your IT team through key transitions or vacancies with CIO or IT Director personnel when immediate strategic leadership is needed.  


Remove the barriers between your team and organizational change. Executive coaching helps develop strategic priorities, organizational collaboration, and emotional intelligence. 


  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Project Management


At Waveset, we take a consultative approach to technology projects. Our objective is to apply our IT expertise to your current business process to implement best practices and efficiencies to realize your vision. Our value is anchored in the strategic know-how we bring to the table, our deep understanding of technology, our proficiency at managing high-performing technology teams, and our passion for modern delivery processes.

  • Architecture

  • Development

  • Network and Infrastructure Services

Technology should empower. It should contain costs while creating and sustaining active participation in an organization's mission. Technology can improve communications and take on the character of an invisible, reliable utility.


We offer consulting services to help organization apply technology effectively. 

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